Dealing with issues of self, identity and symbols through the medium of paint, ephemera and other drawing materials. My practice is a figurative style that marries diverse elements into an instantly recognizable, idiosyncratic idiom that is at times touching, dramatic and visceral. Using line and dramatically visceral expressive colour, I produce images that manage to be optimistic and intriguing, even in seemingly mundane or problematic contexts.

A selection of work...

Paintings: Figurative through to abstract.

Portraits: Oil on canvas, tablets and coloured pencil.

Postcards: From personal cards sent to friends to the annual Royal College of Art Secret Postcard.

Prints: Monoprints and linocuts.

Drawings: Room 36.

'you look well': A selection of work from the 'you look well' exhibitions, including excerpts from the series of 'you look well' postcards. See 'you look well' section for selected essay edits.